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Danilo Acosta Salvadores

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia

Based in Madrid, Spain, and available to travel.

Since a very young age, Danilo Acosta understood that his preferred method of communication is through the image. His first steps into the film world was during his teenage years in his birth city (Barranquilla, Colombia) as he explored other worlds with his video camera. His eyes matured visually as he grew up and travel to a few countries around the world, which changed his style and storytelling, as he met wonderful people and stories.

"Why Kusta?


I chose my last name as Kusta since it was my grandfather's original name. His family immigrated from Palestine to a small city in Colombia where I grew up. Immigration changed his last name from Kusta Al Bandak to Acosta Bendek, and when my grandfather told my that story I decided that Kusta will be my artistic name in honor of my family's heritage.


Since childhood I've loved good stories, and now I dedicate my time to find them with my camera and shared them around the world. I have never considered myself an artist because strangely I don't feel like one, or what it may be attached to. I am just a person who goes out to take photos because it is what I am passionate about and it brings me inner peace. For this reason, I have a variety of works that include portraits and natural and urban landscapes, all to document the daily life of all the amazing cultures that I have been able to encounter.


I am passionate about a real people, strange places and landscapes. I'm proud that my work has some nostalgia since I have always loved the past and what it represents in our current day, which is why I search (most of the time without knowing it) for those stories that have that feeling of yesterday. That's why I also love photography or film, since it preserves time in an image, and that for me is worth all the gold in the world."

Danilo Acosta Salvadores 2020

Book Projects

2021 - "Morocco: The Land of God"

2020 - "Faces of the Carnival: Photographing the Carnival of Barranquilla 2020"

Prizes & Exhibitions

"Rostros del Carnaval" - 2024 - Solo exhibition - Travel y  Procolombia - Madrid, Spain

"Iberdrola Europa" - 2023 - 11th place of 100 curated photographies - Madrid, Spain

"Europa es Cultura" - 2023 - Collective Exhibition - Madrid & Bilbao, Spain

"Pasaporte: la vuelta al mundo en fotos" 2018 - Collective Exhibition - Barranquilla, Colombia

"Masterpeace Global" 2016 - Collective Exhibition - Berlin, Germany

"Pobre Pobreza: Varias Miradas" 2015 - Collective Exhibition - Bogotá, Colombia

"Carnaval de Barranquilla Calendar" 2015 - Winner - Barranquilla, Colombia

"La Trata Humana" 2014 - Collective Exhibition - Universidad Autónoma del Caribe - Barranquilla, Colombia

"Revela Colombia" 2014 - Collective Exhibition - Fontur y Mintic - Barranquilla, Colombia

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